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If you've been following me or my work for any amount of time, it's probably no surprise to you that my husband, Beau, is in the middle of his Pediatrics Residency training. I distinctly remember scouring the internet for advice during Beau's last year of medical school, desperately searching for a glimmer of hope in what I deemed would be a miserable four years of residency. Honestly, I didn't find much. And what I did find was pretty discouraging and played into my deepest fears — that I'd be a "residency widow", that I'd have to do things alone, that I'd come to resent my husband and his career. I want to speak hope and positivity into this space because, while some elements of those fears can be true at times, Beau and I have found a lot of joy in both medical school and residency. Ultimately, I want to share the wisdom that I've gained over the past few years so that you'll feel a little less alone.

I envision this space as a community where we can share experiences and advice with one another. So feel free to browse the blog and connect with our communities on Instagram and Facebook. :)

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A space to share honest advice, hopeful encouragement, and a whole lot of 'me too!'s with partners of medical professionals. Click on the image above for the Marriage & Medicine posts from my blog, all in one place.

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