About Lindsay


Hi, I'm Lindsay! I'm a wife, mother, artist/illustrator/graphic designer currently living in Bend, Oregon. I fell in love with drawing and painting at a young age and feel most alive when I’m in the process of creating. My little family and I spend a lot of time outdoors, so many of my paintings are inspired by the colors and compositions that have captivated me while on our adventures. My hope is to capture a tiny bit of the beauty that’s all around us and help you bring it to your home.

To supplement my passion for painting, I work as a freelance graphic designer for a handful of wonderful clients, helping to bring their mission and vision to life. If you have graphic design needs, I’d love to hear from you! :)

What else? I’m married to my best friend, Beau, who is a pediatrician. Which is super lucky because we have a baby girl named Miles, and before she came along I had never changed a diaper. Those two are my everything, and I feel so fortunate to live with and learn from them every day. We also have a scruffy and slightly-needy labradoodle named Walter who is the best work-from-home companion I could have ever asked for.

I live for nieghborhood walks and deep conversation, sharing a home-cooked meal with friends in our messy kitchen, discovering new hikes in our beloved pacific northwest, the sweet sound of my little girl’s laugh, and a good cuddle/Netflix binge with Beau. I’m an ENFP, empath, over-sharer, lover of citrusy IPAs, with a penchant for smiling too much and using too many exclamation points in my emails. I once met Schmidt from New Girl in a sticker store.

And that about sums it up. I’m so glad you’re here!